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Carnegie Hall

For over 30 years, Link Up, a school program for grades 3-5, has invited students to learn music fundamentals by singing and playing the recorder in their classroom then performing with a professional orchestra from their seats in Carnegie Hall.


Ambrose K. Monell

President, Treasurer and Director

Mr. Monell is the grandson of Ambrose Monell.

Gary K. Beauchamp


Dr. Beauchamp is the Emeritus Director, President and Distinguished Member of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Maurizio J. Morello

Executive Vice President, Assistant Treasurer and Director

Mr. Morello is a partner at the law firm of Fulton Vittoria LLP in New York, NY.

Maia Maude Monell

Vice President

Mrs. Monell is the founder of Inc. and MoDa Partners and is the great granddaughter of Maude Monell.

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